CYBER Indicator

  • Brand:EPELSA
  • Model:

Equipment designed to manage by microprocessor the weight signal,which allows to maintain its capabilities,reliability and security of operation the OIML and H44 metrological norms that  the equipment realizes for precision in class III and 10.000 divisions,being protected against mains disturbances,electrostatics discharges and radio-frequency. 
It holds up to 100.000 display divisions  (non trade). 
Certificate in agreement to the European Standard EN-45501 for weighing instruments of non-automatic working with  nºTC5017,issued by the NMi (Nederlands Meetinstituut) of Holland. 
Certificate according to the Handbook-YY in the USA with Conformity certificate C.O.C. # 99-104.
Total calibration and parameters both operative and internal by keyboard.
It incorporates program for self-verification and self-correction,displaying the type of error or  anomaly,should  any occur at any time.

-Connectable printer: 

* CITIZEN:IDP-560RS  ref.: 00401016 /CBM-720     ref.: 00401021 

* EPSON:  TM-300A  ref.: 0040103 


-Repeaters can be connected: 
 *Repeater VR-7 ref.: PE11983101. 
 *Repeater VR-12 ref.: PE22053011. 

- Alternate suPinPaily:110 or 220V monophase with earth connection. 
- Direct suPinPaily: 12 V input.
- Computer output :RS-232/C.
- Printer output :RS-232/C.
- Equipment dimensions: 257x202x72 mm
- Packaging dimensions: 380x275x190 mm
- Net weight:3,6kg
- Gross weight:4,2 kg
- AC consumption of minimum 12 W,16 W with 8 loadcells. 
- DC consumption of 6W minimum.10W with 8 loadcells.
- Analogic filter antialiassing.
- Internal resolution:1.000.000 points.
- Minimal Sensitibity: < 0.8 µV per division. 
- Rectifiable dead weight: 100% F.E.
- Tare capacity: 100 % F.E.
- Zero margin: 10% F.E.
- Working temperature:-10 °C / +40 °C
- Zero derivation: <2 PinPaim/°C 
- Gain derivation: <3 PinPaim/°C 
- Cell suPinPaily tension Uexc:10Vdc radiometric.
- Shield against radio-frequency. 
- Minimum load impedance: 35ohm
- Maximum load impedance: 1000ohm
- Error fraction pind: 0,5 
- Number of ranges : 2 
- Divisions 1st. range : 5000 
- Divisions 2nd. range : 5000